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5 Thoughts For Managers Aspiring To Be Coaches

There are many paths to travel to be in basketball, especially a coach. One of the more popular ways is to work in the support staff. Support staff can consist of a graduate assistant in college, or a volunteer that moves up the ranks to be in basketball.

Today I am going to foci in on the student manager. Being a student manager is a thankless job, but an important one because you get a front row seat on how a college basketball program works. Not only do you sit in on practice, but you get an understanding on the inner workings on how gyms are setup as well as what happens behind the scenes.

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Every 5 Game Rule In Player Development

Coaches develop players in many different types of ways. There are thousands of drills that you can put them through on the court as well as in the weight room. Coaches have many theories on how to make players better.

I don’t think there is just one way to make a player better. The techniques that help develop players are different depending on the make up, skill level, and toughness of a player. There is a big contingent that would say in grassroots basketball that players play too many games. Most “purists” would say that a player should lock themselves in a gym all summer instead of playing games.

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